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Welcome to find_ideas ! Here you can display your own designs for backgrounds, banners, headers, icons, blinkies, and more! You can also find and use other people's designs. By posting your ideas and designs you are agreeing to let other users use them in their own journals. Credit is required for those who ask for it.

The rules:
♥ As of now I am unable to take any requests for custom layouts. (If you would be interested in designing layouts for others, let me know- kellibaby.
♥ Please do not take any design without commenting and telling the owner you are using it and giving credit where necessary. People spend a lot of time on these designs, so make it worth while for them.
♥ If you have a simple request for a change to one of the backgrounds such as a color change or text change, this can usually be done. Be patient and we can most likely help you out.
♥ no arguing or trash talking. This is a community meant to be a positive experience for everyone. Please keep it that way.
♥ Have fun! And SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!! Thanks!